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A. Joseph Ross
Fri May 4 00:37:55 EDT 2007

On 3 May 2007 at 12:30, Aaron Read wrote:

> This begs a question I've often wondered?  Is the WJIB "Model of
> Success" portable to another signal?
> For example, let's say (in a parallel universe) Peter Smyth looks at
> WJIB and looks at WBOS and decides that it's time for the "format of
> the month" to come to an end, and he wants to hire Bob to run WBOS
> *exactly* like WJIB.   Not just the programming, but also the
> managerial freedom.
> Assuming, for a moment, that Bob would take the job...could you pick
> up WJIB's programming (lack of commercials and all), drop it on WBOS,
> and still have it work?
> Would the "ban" of commercials be too hindering to justify the rent on
> the Pru anymore?

well, how would the station make money?  Lease a few hours on Sunday? 
 Ask for listener contributions?  I don't think the former would be 
enough to satisfy a corporate owner, and I don't think a corporate-
owned station would command the kind of listener-loyalty that allowed 
Bob to get such a great response.  And the higher cost would mean 
more money would have to be realized.

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