Call 442-7000.......... and you'll see Muntz TV!

Roger Kirk
Thu May 3 17:47:55 EDT 2007

Peter Q. George wrote:

>> Ah, yes!!! Mad Man Muntz and his gutted TV's.  Numb as
>> all hell. I can still recall those radio commercials
>> on WMEX.....
>> "Call 442-7000 and you'll see Muntz TV-eeeeeee!  Call
>> 442-7000.... see Muntz TV today-yyyyyyy!
>> God, you'd have to be within the visual sight of the
>> transmitters to get a good picture. For all intents
>> and purposes, Muntz TV's had virtually no front end.
>> The color ones (yes, there WERE Muntz color TV sets)
>> were even worse. (Yuck!)
Here's the whole story:!.htm

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