The Jibguy's ratings

Bradford Wood
Thu May 3 07:14:27 EDT 2007

If it didn't happen with the move by CC into the Boston market with 
Rumba, it won't happen with any other FM'er.  I actually subscribed to 
the possibility that Jam'n was going to go Spanish, but when it went to 
1430/1200 - that didn't surprise me either.  Still waiting for them to 
go HD to give Costa/Eagle a run for their money, but I digress.  While 
there is a growing Hispanic population in the Boston market, it is not 
yet enough to garner the money that would be needed to support a full 
time FM'er in Boston.  But when that happens - my money is on Jam'n and CC.

The other problem is the Spanish format - there's not just one hardcore 
format.  Its broken down into many various formats (tejano, bachatta, 
and reggaton just to name a few) - and from what I understand - you 
can't really mix one or more of them successfully.


Michael E wrote:
> From: Donna Halper <>
>> And did I miss the numbers of WKOX/WXKS?  Didn't they do better with 
>> progressive talk than they are doing with Spanish? 8-)
> I think it's sound quality.
> Spanish-speaking listeners know how bad AM sounds, compared to FM.  
> How long til a Boston FM is either bought by a Hispanic owner, or one 
> of the conglomerates makes one of the stations Spanish full-time?
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