The Jibguy's ratings

Wed May 2 14:45:47 EDT 2007

Scott Fybush wrote:
> Anyone else notice the 12+ numbers that just came out? Our good friend
> Mr. Bittner didn't just crack a 1-share...he apparently has more
> listeners 12+ than WFNX or WXRV, and is gaining on WBOS!
> I wonder if this isn't the most impressive ratings performance by a
> one-man station in history?
> s

I think it's great. 8-) Bob got all the money he was asking to keep the
station format as-is, he got enough donations well in advance of his
deadline, and it sounds like in his on air annoucement about it that
that even surprised him.

Apparently all the computer modeling and testing stations do to attempt
to gain even a smidgen more in listener share don't always get it right.
Hell, they use the same testing dynamics, and they all come out sounding
the same. WJIB certainly stands out against all the other stuff that's
out there.

As an aside - or maybe not - I noticed over the last several weeks that
WJIB is playing what seems to be a broader selection of music with a lot
less repeats. I don't know if that's an accident of the problem he
announced about one of his "music computers" being out for repair, or if
he's actually been adding more songs into the selection mix. Things
don't sound as stale as they used to.


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