Richard L. Kaye Leaves $1-Million To BSO

Laurence Glavin
Mon Mar 26 14:02:50 EST 2007

Over the weekend, I attended a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert devoted
to a single work by Beethoven, his opera "Fidelio"in an unstaged "concert" version

R:  it was on March 26th, 1827 that Beethoven passed away meaning that TODAY
is the 180th anniversary of his death.

and before the concert began, I was flipping through the program booklet 
given to audience members.  Lo and behold, atop a page to honor donors 
to the Boston Symphony Orchestra Capital Fund was The Estate of Richard 
L. Kaye in the category of contributors in the amount  of 1-million dollars
(or more).  Richard L. Kaye was a longtime Vice President of Charles River
Broadcasting which of course owned WCRB for decades.  Last fall, just as
the sale of WCRB was being consummated, Mr. Kaye died, as readers of this site
and the Northeast Radio Watch will recall.  So it appears that some of the
proceeds of the sale that went to him and his family also wound up in
the Orchestra's coffers.

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