J.J. Jackson

John Mullaney john@minutemancomm.com
Mon Mar 26 18:10:06 EST 2007

I worked with JJ at Woodstock94 when we actually did kind of a pirate
Westwood One Woodstock broadcast from the lawn of the WBCN "Love Shack"
right around the corner from the festival. JJ told us and all the folks
there he was one of the original BCN DJ's and had a lot of good stories to
prove it. I'm not really sure which years he worked there but he did. 

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When J.J. Jackson (MTV's first African-American video-jock) passed away in
2004, his obit said he had worked at WBCN at one time.  Does anybody
remember this?  It rings no bells with me, but I might have been out of town
doing radio in another city when he was in Boston...  

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