WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Scott Fybush
Tue Mar 13 16:28:00 EST 2007

Eli Polonsky wrote:
>> AFAIK the only hard and fast rules are that stations
>> operating in the reserved band (87.9 to 91.9) must be
>> non-commercial, as must LPFM licensees and grandfathered
>> Class D FM's operating in the commercial band.
> Also, I don't think that TIS stations, either on AM or FM,
> are allowed to run commercials, though I'm not sure.

Correct, with the additional note that the TIS service exists only in 
the AM band and that "TIS" stations on the FM dial are actually LPFM 

FM stations operating on channels in the non-reserved band (92.1-107.9, 
or 221-300, if you prefer) that have been specifically reserved for NCE 
use must also operate noncommercially. Not all NCE stations operating on 
the non-reserved band do so on reserved channels; in fact, most older 
ones don't - so the Maine Public Radio stations on 106.1 Presque Isle 
and 106.5 Fort Kent, or VPR's 107.9 in Burlington, could go commercial 
tomorrow if they so chose. (I think - I'm still sorting out some of the 
more confusing pieces of the FCC's recent revision in the FM allocation 

See the reserved channels (indicated by an asterisk) in the newly 
slimmed-down Table of Allocations here:


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