WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Aaron Read
Tue Mar 13 09:37:40 EST 2007

Presumably.  AFAIK the only hard and fast rules are that stations 
operating in the reserved band (87.9 to 91.9) must be non-commercial, as 
must LPFM licensees and grandfathered Class D FM's operating in the 
commercial band.

Everyone else can, I assume, change back and forth merely by filing with 
the FCC and awaiting for the FCC's approval (which I have to think is 
almost always granted).  Although I'd imagine that if a station files 
for NCE status, gets it, and then avoids the commercial station license 
renewal fees...and then files to return to commercial status - they 
probably have to pay the fees retroactively.

However, as was astutely pointed out to me, WPNI was never an NPR 
affiliate; the owners were merely LMA'ing to WFCR no differently than if 
WFCR was any other renter.  So it's quite likely they never bothered 
filing for NCE status just because of the lack of options it gives you. 
  If your LMA ends and you're stuck with NCE status until the FCC grants 
your paperwork (which can take weeks or months) your station can be 
stuck in limbo; unable to attract other LMA renters because of the NCE 
advertising restrictions.  That's not good for business.

I had thought there was a more long-term arrangement in place with WPNI; 
in which case an NCE filing might've made more sense.  But apparently 
that wasn't the case.

Aaron Read
Boston, MA 02446-2204

A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> On 12 Mar 2007 at 12:32, Aaron Read wrote:
>> However, many (arguably most) NPR affiliates running an AM station (or
>> an FM in the commercial band) will file with the FCC to operate the
>> license as a non-commercial entity; thus saving the owner some green
>> on filing fees and whatnot.  It can also be a requirement for certain
>> grants.   This filing with the FCC *does* prevent a station from
>> running commercials.
> What happens if, like WPNI, the station at some point stops being an 
> NPR affiliate?  Is there some way it can rescind the filing and run 
> commercials again? 

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