WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Scott Fybush
Mon Mar 12 19:22:16 EST 2007

Aaron Read wrote:

> I don't know how one checks for this sort of filing, though.  I spent a 
> few minutes perusing the AM Query ( and 
> not seeing anything obvious that marked WPNI as a non-comm.  Or other 
> stations (like WBUR-AM) that I'm pretty sure filed to operate as a 
> non-comm.

It makes a certain amount of sense that WPNI would not have filed for 
NCE status, since WFCR isn't operating the station, only leasing time on 
it for programming. How hands-off is WFCR where WPNI is concerned? When 
I was up that way a year or so ago seeing some western Mass. 
transmitters, the tour included both the studios and transmitter of 
WFCR. I asked about WPNI, and the answer was that the WFCR engineers 
don't even have a key to the transmitter building.

I expect, from what I've read so far, that the arrangement with WNNZ 
will be similar - once the programming leaves WFCR's studios, everything 
will be in Clear Channel's hands. The public file will stay at CC 
Springfield, the CC engineer(s) will handle transmitter maintenance, etc.

I would be very surprised to see WNNZ file for NCE status.


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