WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Aaron Read
Mon Mar 12 11:32:06 EST 2007

NPR doesn't really have a say in the matter,'s up to the 
affiliate how they want to handle their own local sponsorships.

However, many (arguably most) NPR affiliates running an AM station (or 
an FM in the commercial band) will file with the FCC to operate the 
license as a non-commercial entity; thus saving the owner some green on 
filing fees and whatnot.  It can also be a requirement for certain 
grants.   This filing with the FCC *does* prevent a station from running 

I don't know how one checks for this sort of filing, though.  I spent a 
few minutes perusing the AM Query ( and 
not seeing anything obvious that marked WPNI as a non-comm.  Or other 
stations (like WBUR-AM) that I'm pretty sure filed to operate as a non-comm.


Aaron Read
Boston, MA 02446-2204

And did WPNI run any commercials? I understood that they didn't. Does
NPR allow affiliates holding commercial licenses or doing what WFCR
does (leasing out a station with a commercial license) to run
commercial advertising?

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