Howie who?

Dan Strassberg
Thu Mar 8 13:22:26 EST 2007

I'm sure the Finneran-Carr feud is attracting listeners, but can't you
imagine Jason Wolfe calling his two stars into his office (together, or if
necessary, separately) and saying to them,  "I want you boys to go after
each other on the air. I hired Tom so you could do it, Howie. Boston radio
hasn't had anything like this in as long as I can remember. It'll send
ratings through the roof. Now, get behind those microphones and earn your
money!" It's good radio and Carr may really not like Finneran, but the whole
thing is basically just a staged publicity stunt. Does anybody not
understand that?

Dan Strassberg,
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> Those on the WRKO mailing list are getting messages from PD
> Jason Wolfe apologizing for the fact that Red Sox exhibition games are
pre-empting Rush Limbaugh on weekdays. He assures listeners
> that it was part of the contract with the Sox that 'RKO (and not
> 'EEI) carry the exhibition games, and once the season starts all
> weekday afternoon games will be on WEEI except for "the two
> opening days" (opening day at KC and then Fenway opening day)
> which will be on WRKO.
> He fails to mention Howie Carr's name--and Howie is losing at least one
hour of his show due to these games. However the email does
> mention a live broadcast of Howie's show from the Harp tomorrow.
> Howie fans have had to resort to live streaming (unless they can pick up
WGAN in Portland). Last Monday the Finneran/Carr feud
> was front page news in the Herald but those who wanted to hear
> Howie talk about it on WRKO found the Sox instead, and when they
> went to RKO's site to get the streamcast they found...Fox Sports
> Radio instead.

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