Daylight Savings time Patches for this weekend

Bob Nelson
Tue Mar 6 03:35:46 EST 2007

>>There is no "extra hour of daylight", so no.  Now, if it's your habit
to get up at a fixed time every day, and if that time happens to be
before sunrise, you might have more time to DX.

One year I remember WBCN doing a bit where they proclaimed
a great new development, "the 25th hour" (obtained in fall
when clocks are turned back). "Another BCN-ovation..."

My VCR (I still have one, for now) gives the option of
Manual or Automatic clock settings AND it also allows
you to either have it adjust for daylight saving time
automatically or you can disable it (which is just what
I did). The VCR is probably about 10 years old by now,
and someday when I get a DVD-recorder I may just take
the remainder of my videotapes and transfer them.
(Among them: a box set of the entire Twin Peaks
series and some highlights from previous cartoon-fan
conventions; in later years, these highlights were
put out on DVD rather than VHS but they never got
around to putting out DVD versions of the previous

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