Daylight Savings time Patches for this weekend

Sean Smyth
Mon Mar 5 17:57:58 EST 2007

Garrett Wollman <> wrote:
> There is no "extra hour of daylight", so no.  

What I should've said is "a time adjustment that will see many people
awake more during sunlight hours." Or something along those lines.
(Brain cells aren't firing up like usual.)

> Now, if it's your habit
> to get up at a fixed time every day, and if that time happens to be
> before sunrise, you might have more time to DX.

DXing also has to do with atmospheric conditions, from what I
understand. I was curious as to what the conditions for DXing are like
in mid-March as opposed to, say, early April, when the springing ahead
occurred previously. 

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