Greater Media tries to reach youth...with HD station

Roger Kolakowski
Sun Mar 4 00:13:53 EST 2007

Tony noted:

 But as I was saying to Bob off the list, I don't think HD Radio is the
> future. I think wi-fi Internet radio sets are the future.

IMHO...The future all depends on where people listen to the their
homes or just in their cars while traveling.

In a previous life I had the fortune to work for a local AM station with
demographics of 35 - eternity. I knew the listeners were at home and could
market the service as such. But with younger demos, the majority must work
and have little input into their "MUSAK" during those hours.

Internet "radio sets" are a marketable possibility for the "at home" demos,
but if listenership has really degenerated to time in vehicle, I believe
that digital on air broadcasts are the next step to the salvation of

A pity though, I'll just have to keep Part 15 rebroadcasting to feed the 25
or so tube radios in my collection ;-(


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