AM Stereo?

Aaron Read
Thu Mar 1 15:48:00 EST 2007

Nope.  You can't broadcast AM Stereo *and* IBOC at the same time.  The 
physics of the iBiquity system don't allow for it.***

I remember asking Mark Manuelian about this a while ago...not long after 
they'd installed IBOC on the main.  He said they had three transmitters: 
a main and backup in Hull, and a third in Allston.  At one time both the 
Hull xmitters could do AM Stereo, but after IBOC was installed only the 
backup Hull xmitter still could.  The Allston xmitter doesn't have AM 
stereo at all.  So if you hear AM Stereo on WBZ, it means they're 
running on the backup xmitter from Hull.

Speaking of IBOC...I just got a receiver finally, and listening IBOC on 
WMKI, WXKS and WBZ...I swear WBZ's IBOC audio doesn't sound as good; the 
compression artifacts seem more noticeable.  I wonder if that's a 
limitation of voice audio (instead of music) through the HDR codec, or a 
reflection of how WBZ's IBOC was one of the first out of the gate and it 
hasn't been updated?  Or maybe I'm just imagining it.

- Aaron

*** Which should prove interesting for expanded band stations that try 
to upgrade to IBOC, since technically the rules (still) state that they 
must broadcast in AM Stereo.  However, that rule is oft-ignored, I'm 
told.  Much like the rule that EX-AM stations are supposed to take their 
old signals dark after five years...grumble grumble...

Aaron Read
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Doug Drown wrote:
> Doesn't WBZ?
> -Doug
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>> Does anyone know who, besides WJIB 740, still broadcasts in AM Stereo in 
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