Antenna Advice

Brian Vita
Sat Jun 30 10:31:03 EDT 2007

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> In Peabody, if you couldn't get WBZ in HD, either you must have been
> listening at night, when HD is still off, or else something may be wrong
> with the receiver or the antenna. WBZ comes in REALLY well on the North
> Shore, and if they were running HD (and I can hear the HD sidebands all
> day), WBZ should come in just fine in HD. If it doesn't, you need to do some
> troubleshooting. Neither WMKI not WXKS is anywhere near as strong as WBZ in
> Peabody but their daytime signals there aren't bad--I suspect more than 5
> mV/m, which ought to be adequate but may not be.
> --
> D
You know, I didn't even consider the daytime/night time aspect.  I'll 
check it out.

I thought that the FCC just gave the OK to nighttime AM IBOC.  Is that 
not so?  Are the Boston stations not taking advantage of it?

Just a side note, how come only GM seems to be promoting HD.  If you 
look at the websites for the non-GM stations (ie. Entercom and others) 
broadcasting in HD there's nary a mention of HD.  Even WBZ you have to 
dig around for.

Is WRKO not doing  HD?


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