Anybody taping Paul Sullivan tonight?

Laurence Glavin
Thu Jun 28 15:20:45 EDT 2007

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>From: "Gary's Ice Cream" 
>Subject: Anybody taping Paul Sullivan tonight?
>Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 14:19:21 -0400
>Just curious...will anyone be recording the final Paul Sullivan show on WBZ
>I have to work and won't be able to hear it.......I talked to Paul's
>producer today and told him that Gene Burns wants to call in and wish Paul
>well - that should happen around 9:15 or so.
>Gary Francis
>And for 5 years Paul's fill-in on Morning Magazine on WLLH

I'm glad somebody answered your call about taping.  For all WBZ's signal-strength,
when I've taped their signal at night I get a bit of splatter from co-owned
KDKA, and some lightning static (it's supposed to be stormy tonight) as well as
occasional electric noise in the neighborhood.  After all, I'm about 40 miles from 
Hull.   I hope I can catch Gene Burns while he's this era of Severin and
Graham and Carr, etc, his pattern of civilized discourse is certainly missed on Boston radio.

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