WLLH Listing With FCC 3

mike@miscon.net mike@miscon.net
Wed Jun 27 19:14:25 EDT 2007

IIRC this has been discussed here in some depth before. That is to say,
both the fact that WLLH is the last of the original dual-synchronous
transmitting stations (that's true, isn't it?), and that the FCC has - in
a way - lost track of it. 

BTW, I know I've got (original)
paperwork on WLLH's original Western Electric transmitter (Lowell site)
somewhere around here... shuffle, mumble mumble, shuffle...


From: "Laurence
>> If I remember correctly,
if you looked up WLLH at the FCC's website in
>> the
>> past,
>> you viewed only one listing: the licensed
Lowell facility.  Now if you
>> look
>> up WLLH, you
get two listings, one for Lawrence and one for Lowell.
> I have never seen a proper coverage map indicating the reach of
> transmitters.
> The Radio-Locators.com
site only shows the pattern of the Loweel TX.

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