The ONLY place to hear the Pops 4th Concert? 2

A. Joseph Ross
Wed Jun 27 17:07:35 EDT 2007

On 27 Jun 2007 Don A wrote:

> WBZ has been promoting itself as the ONLY place to listen to the
> Boston Pops concert on the 4rth.
> I've had WCRB on here in the office today.....and they have been
> promoting that they will be carrying the concert from the
> Esplanade....
> The *only* place? 

I heard WBZ say that yesterday, and I thought it rather surprising, 
first that it would even be carried on an AM station, and second that 
there wouldn't be an FM station carrying it somewhere.  And I 
wondered how much of the concert itself we would actually hear on 
WBZ.  I think it may be a bit like network coverage of political 
conventions, where you hardly ever see the convention, just the 
reporters talking to one another about the convention.

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