Is WGBH Dropping "Open Source"? - 2

Bob Nelson
Sat Jun 23 10:46:05 EDT 2007

I have the book in hardcover and looked up Lydon via the index. One page talks about
Kevin White talking off camera with Lydon: "The point is, if my brother
threatened to kill you, or you thought he would kill you, you would be nothing but
nice to me." Howie has mentioned this several times on his show.

The other referred to Lydon as a foe of Billy Bulger who was "taken down a notch".
Carr says that Lydon and reporter David Boeri had been "relentless" on the subject
of 75 State Street, etc. Carr says WGBH needed a one-day liquor license for 
a popular wine tasting but the Legislature was balking at approving it; but
"(I)n the spring of 1991, 'The Ten O'Clock News' was cancelled"--and the
liquor license was subsequently approved. Whether or not there was a quid
pro quo is not said.

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