call sign question

Doug Drown
Fri Jun 22 22:46:38 EDT 2007

Since the rules have been relaxed, not only can formerly-tied stations each
keep their original call letters, but the owners of a particular set of
calls can use them in more than one location (e.g. an AM station in one
city, an FM or TV in another).  I can't think of specific examples off the
top of my head, but I know they exist.  Personally, I should think it would
be confusing.   -Doug

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> On 6/22/07, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
> > Are the WABC, WLS calls in jeopardy or has the FCC relaxed the rule?
> I thought I had read somewhere that there was an agreement between ABC
> and Citadel that call letters could be retained.>
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