Mass.Broadcast Hall of Fame

Kevin Vahey
Fri Jun 22 16:24:10 EDT 2007

Was it Rex Trailer that used to promote cruises he would be on? Did anyone
actually go on a cruise to be with him?

"Inquiring Minds Want to Know" ;-)


Rex did do a cruise or two. Also would run a trip to Cypress Gardens,
but his drips to Disneyland were huge. I believe Crimson Travel still
holds the one day record for charters out of Logan. They always ran it
during February school vfacation week.

I don't really have a problem with the first class of inductees but if
Bob Wilson is there then you must include Fred Cusick.

Cusick just wrote a book about his 60 year broadcasting career that
started at WOCB in West Yarmouth. He then details he rise moving to
WBET in Brockton and then WCOP.

In 1948 he moved to a new station WVOM which had a hard time
attracting listeners as most radios built before World War II could
not tune into 1600. He tells the story of the station running a show
that featured Irish music and it became a runaway hit.

I had also wondered why WKBG-TV moved out of its Commonwealth Avenue
studios in short order. Fred tells the reason and it is hysterical.

It is a great read

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