WBZ's Paul Sullivan steps down 2h

Bill O'Neill me@billoneill.us
Thu Jun 21 16:51:04 EDT 2007

Don A wrote:
> Paul has been a class act all along....

Indeed he has.  This gig has been a dream come true for Sullivan.  Since 
he made his entry to radio at WLLH while keeping his role at the Lowell 
Sun, Paul has demonstrated a real thirst for political discourse.  I've 
worked with Paul as well as worked across town from him and I consider 
him a old pal who has certainly earned a break right about now.  We 
haven't heard the last of Sully.   

One of my funniest radio memories was when Sully had me on as a guest 
one morning over at WLLH (during one of those rare periods when I was 
not active at WCAP).  There was a whole bunch of activity going on, I 
think a barbershop quartet or perhaps a couple of political hacks in 
studio all begging to be relevant.   I found myself in the familiar role 
of chiming in just enough to keep the balance off in the dynamic when 
Paul said, "Treat O'Neill like a mental patient. Like he's here but he's 
not here."  LMAO just thinking about it. 

Bill O'Neill

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