WCOP (was: Boston songs (early '60s))

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 09:46:14 EDT 2007

The jock doing nights in the late 60's at WCOP was earlier a Dan
Donovan at WMEX (62-63) but the name he used at "Radio Boston" escapes

WCOP had one 10 day run where they were the most important station in Boston.

It was October 1967 and they were the NBC radio affilate and WCOP had
the exclusive radio rights to the 1967 World Series. In those days
there was no local broadcast as the local announcers worked on NBC
radio and TV.

Dom Valentino and Michael Paige then did a long post game complete
with phone calls after every game.

I remember being at Game 1 with my radio and wondering who this yahoo
from St Louis was calling the game. It was Harry Caray.

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