When WBZ played covers instead of hits

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Wed Jun 20 21:36:47 EDT 2007

Donna Halper wrote:

> But speaking of local hits and paper adds, remember "King of the Hill" by 
> Oak?  I doubt most top 40 stations ever played it, except in Boston maybe.

  Rick Pinette & Oak were from the Lewiston Maine area. "King of the Hill" 
was played on WRKO and WVBF. I don't recall if it was ever played on WHDH or 
WBZ. In the Merrimack Valley WLLH played it also, I don't believe WCAP or 
WCCM did. I recall when visiting a friend in Portland in 1980, "King of the 
Hill" was played on WGAN (full service AC), WJBQ (still at 106.3), WLOB (was 
playing top 40 & oldies) and WIDE. The song peaked in the mid-30's 
nationally. It's on one of Barry Scott's "Lost 45's" CD's he released a few 
years back.

   Does anyone remember Rick Pinette & Oak's 1979 local hit "This Is Love"? 
Did not make the top 40 nationally (peaked in the upper 50's IIRC). Was 
played on WLLH, I think WRKO and WVBF may have played it as well, I'll have 
to dig through my old survey files to check on that.

Mark Watson

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