Is WGBH Dropping "Open Source"?

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jun 20 13:14:01 EDT 2007

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>From: "Scott Fybush" 
>To: "Bob Nelson" 
>Subject: Re: Is WGBH Dropping "Open Source"?
>Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 10:39:47 -0400

>Bob Nelson wrote:
> Fybush reports in NERW that WGBH is indeed dropping Open Source 
> in favor of jazz, and that also could
> spell the end of the Friday 7 pm offering, On The Media.
Bummer...other than the WGBH broadcast, I have just two chances to listen to
OtM on the radio, and they're both on Sundays, either WEVO or WBUR.
Failing that, then I have to resort to the intenets and sit there with my
headset on for 55 minutes.
Actually, it turns out Fybush was premature on that - a release 
yesterday says The World will get a repeat play at 7 on 89.7, five 
days a week, which still spells the end of the Friday run of OTM...


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