When WBZ played covers instead of hits

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> When WBZ ruled the roost as a Top 40 station they once in awhile would
> play a cover of a known national hit instead of the original artist.
> 2 of these records I can remember.
> Gimme Some Lovin which was a huge hit by Spencer Davis never aired on
> WBZ, instead they used a group called "The Jordan Brothers"
> The other was "Winchester Cathedral" which was a hit by the The New
> Vaudeville Band but WBZ played a version by "The New Happiness"

I was listening to WRKO-FM (Arko, the Shy but Friendly Robot) almost
exclusively in the winter of 1966-67,. when both of those songs were hits.
Arko played only the Jordan Brothers and New Vaudeville Band versions. The
first time I heard the Spencer Davis Group's "Gimme Some Lovin'" was the
following spring on WRKO(AM). I have yet to hear the New Happiness
"Winchester Cathedral" anywhere; WDRC-FM Hartford plays the New Vaudeville
Band version on its "Big D on HD" HD-2 stream.


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