Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Dale H. Cook
Tue Jun 19 18:50:29 EDT 2007

At 03:17 PM 6/19/2007, Kevin Vahey wrote:

>WTXL out of West Springfield

Those photos bring back memories. In the early '70s Jay Policow 
worked there (he is now, and for many years has been, production 
director for Infinity in Hartford). That was the first station I ever 
saw with a parking lot on top of their ground system.

I can't nail the model of console at first glance. I'll have a look 
through my catalogs this evening and see if I can ID it. I think the 
cart machines are ATC, probably rebranded as Gates - ATC, IIRC, later 
became ITC.

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