Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Don A
Tue Jun 19 02:02:48 EDT 2007

>> Most of the reason for WMEX's sucess was the fact that WRKO had lost it's
>> way.
> That's not what I had understood.  I could be wrong about this, of
> course... but that is what I understood.

Competitive radio is much like a football game.

There is offense and defense.

While team "A" might have a good won't do any good until the 
defense shows a weakness.

In broadcasting, you can have a good product, but if your target demo 
doesn't know you are there...or is content with what they are 
listening/watching...then they will never find they have no reason 
to search the dial for "something better".

>> Someone at RKO came up with a bizarre notion that they could stop playing
>> the hits and that they had to start playing album cuts.
> My perception was that WRKO didn't start with album cuts until AFTER
> John H. left WMEX. Roger Kirk on this list
> might have a clear remembrance of those days.

Here is Roger's recollection from a recent post:

Also, the concept of adding LP cuts to the play list found favor.  A
nod, no doubt, to some of the LP cuts being played by WMEX as well as a
realization that the FM stations were starting to encroach on AM's
dominance.  At first it started off conservatively with just 2 or three
cuts added for spice.  Then, it escalated to the point where the jocks
were bringing in huge stacks of LP's from their collections so that
certain cuts could be carted and added to the on-air rotation.

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