Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Don A
Mon Jun 18 15:10:21 EDT 2007

>>    ...when thinking back to WMEX roaring back in
>> 1971 under Garabedian...

Let's keep this in perspective....

I believe there was ONE rating book that WMEX beat WRKO.  (I believe it was 
either Spring or Summer of 1971.)

Most of the reason for WMEX's sucess was the fact that WRKO had lost it's 

Someone at RKO came up with a bizarre notion that they could stop playing 
the hits and that they had to start playing album cuts.

If WRKO had not wandered....WMEX would've never beat them.

While Garabedian is a good programmer, his sucess should have included a 
thank-you note to WRKO for dropping the ball.

All in all this lasted ONE rating period.....about 3 months...before WRKO 
got itself back on track.

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