Major Mudd

Donna Halper
Sat Jun 16 14:08:27 EDT 2007

At 12:53 PM 6/16/2007, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>For some reason WCVB just uploaded this to youtube
>Bill Harrington interviews Major Mudd

When I did the Boston piece for Chronicle (which Scott was also in), 
the producer, Art Donahue, came to my house and we chatted about how 
much old footage just got tossed in the dumpster and never 
preserved.  He kindly said he'd look around the station to see if 
anything was still left from the old days-- and he found a short clip 
of Big Brother Bob Emery,and perhaps also he found this Major Mudd 
piece-- from the tribute done when the poor guy was losing his sight 
and dying of kidney disease.  There have been many advances in the 
treatment of diabetes since those days, but the good major died way 
too young... many of us watched his show and loved it. 

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