Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Howard Glazer
Wed Jun 13 11:02:06 EDT 2007

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> <<I'm quite sure that Home Service Broadcasting, the original licensee of
> WGTR, was founded several years before 1969 (maybe 1966) and that WGTR did
> not sign on until several years
> after 1969 (I'm almost positive it was 1972;>>
> It was certainly in the early '70s, because I was out of college and back
> living in the Gardner-Fitchburg area.

1972 sounds right. I discovered it as a senior in high school, which would
have been 1972-73, and being the obsessed BCB (broadcast band) monitor I was
back then, it's unlikely GTR's presence would have escaped me for long.

Garabedian used to split airtime with Don Kelley on GTR. There was one
newscaster, Jim McAllister ... not sure whatever happened to him. I believe
Mark Parenteau worked at GTR for a while, too.


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