Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Doug Drown
Wed Jun 13 10:36:07 EDT 2007

I remember John Garabedian when he was "Johnny Gardner" on WPTR and WORC.
Haven't heard him in years.  Ah, the memories!  He was a class act.


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> When in Burlington VT, I taped some WXXX 95.5 for a tape trader. Turns out
they were doing a syndie
> show that also runs on stations like Kiss 108: the Open House Party with
John Garabedian (hmm! I'd
> heard that name before...)
> I'd known of WVJV-TV, "V-66", our own version of MTV (a project with Woo
Woo Ginsburg) and WGTR...
> Anyway, the show I taped featured CHR music by request and a brief
interview with Avril Lavigne. The
> Open House Party site has more info on John (as well as a portrait of the
late Sunny Joe White). You
> may know of this guy...
> "At the age of 17, John joined Worcester station WORC-AM as a disc jockey.
Several years after joining, he became a co-host of the original Open House
Party radio program...In 1969, John and partners founded WGTR-AM (now WBIX)
as a top-40 station serving MetroWest from Natick...Two years after MTV's
1981 debut, John and fellow WMEX alumnus Arnie Ginsburg started a
Boston-area 24-hour music video station, WVJV-TV"
> (Open House Party started in 1987 on Kiss 108...he does it from
> any of his 3 homes: suburban Boston; Vermont, and the Cape)
> V-66 (remember those bumper
> stickers?) played music videos a la MTV...they played some by local
artists as part of that
> (and another indie UHF station in town, WQTV-TV 68, used to have a
show--Friday nights at 6, I think?--
> that would play videos or taped performances by local bands. This was a
station which used to scramble
> its signal and play movies (pay TV) but at times the signal was
> As for V-66...
> "The VJs were some of the best and the brightest in Boston -- John
Garabedian (now doing "Open House Party" on Saturday night radio) and David
O'Leary (now at WBOS 92.9) among them. Also, I remember a bizarre commercial
that Garabedian and Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsberg did when the Patriots were
playing the Bears in the Super Bowl -- they had a teddy bear bound and
gagged and tortured it between videos."
> The comments bring back memories...
> David O'Leary was a VJ. Artists played (local) included New Man, The
Stompers, and Robert Ellis Orrall.
> The logo, as seen on the page linked above, had a purple "V", slightly off
kilter, with yellow lightning
> bolts that form a "66" in the middle
> Other comments on that page show that V-66 viewers fondly remember them
playing local artists such as
> The Fools, Digney Fignus, New Man, Rods & Cones, The Lyres, Rubber Rodeo,
Ball & Pivot, Til Tuesday & The November Group.

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