Cable Choice and Competition Act

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Jun 11 02:32:47 EDT 2007

On 10 Jun 2007 at 14:09, Don A wrote:

> I think just having council/selectment/comittee meetings beamed into
> every household in town is very valuable.
> I would not like to see us go back to a time when city officials would
> vote something in at 11:02PM after the last 3 citzens had left the
> chambers.
> The accountability has been a great step forward. 

Amen!  In Brookline, the Selectmen used to meet every Tuesday 
starting at 4 PM, then break for dinner, and resume at 8.  Only the 
evening portion was televised.  They started to tend to put the most 
controversial agenda items on in the afternoon, un-televised portion. 
This eventually caused a warrant article at Town Meeting requiring 
the entire meeting to be televised, which now happens. 

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