Cable Choice and Competition Act

Peter Murray
Sun Jun 10 17:36:01 EDT 2007

One other thing to remember with FIOS is that as part of having fiber run
directly to your house by Verizon is that you *will* lose access to the
copper pairs that were already there. The last step in the successful
fiber installation is the destruction of the original copper 

No more DSL option. Your choices (if you decided you didn't like FIOS, for
whatever reason), would now just be your cable provider (if you have one),
or a wireless or satellite-based ISP. No more "telecom"-based services.


Peter Murray (N3IXY)
Oak Hill, VA

On Sun, 10 Jun 2007, Larry Weil wrote:

> At 10:51 AM -0400 6/10/07, radiotony wrote:
> >In addition, I've been noticing Verizon offering phone/DSL/cable via one of
> >the dish channels with more channels than basic cable for $99 a month.
> For an introductory period (1 year?) only.  After that, they figure 
> they got you hooked, and charge the regular, higher rates.

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