Herald: Music fee hikes could scuttle WJIB

Larry Weil kc1ih@mac.com
Tue Jan 30 17:46:38 EST 2007

At 12:42 PM 1/30/2007, Aaron Read wrote:

>Anyways, I completely agree that there are fans of freeform out 
>there, and I also agree that there should be at least a station or 
>two available for those fans to listen to.

>While there certainly are some great shows on those stations, 
>there's also an ocean of crap.

Like any format, it can be done well or not well.  Play songs with a 
common theme, add some pertinent commentary, and you have Vin 
Scelsa.  Play an iPod Shuttle, and you have WERS.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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