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Sun Jan 28 19:06:24 EST 2007

Scott, the signal also heads southwest with a nice start shooting 
across Fresh Pond as well.  Not so much of a boost due to conductivity 
but just the lack of buildings and hills to attenuate.  Fresh water 
isn't really all that great, except when intermingled with live and 
decaying organic matter as in the big marshes where Rte. 27 crosses the 
Sudbury River, Rte. 109 goes across the Charles, etc.

Northwest is probably WJIB's poorest direction with Belmont Hill, 
"Mount Gilboa", Turkey Hill, and Zion Hill on that general bearing.

If I remember right, you and Bob Bittner did a test one night with a 
receiver connected to the WJIB stick during a transmitter shutdown.  
That must have been interesting.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA

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From: scott@fybush.com
My experience back in my Waltham days, which ended 10 years ago today, 
was that on a typical night, WJIB far overpowered what was then CBL. I 
suspect Bob's signal got a nice groundwave boost down the Charles River 
in my direction. 

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