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Sun Jan 28 11:33:04 EST 2007

That's about my observation about WJIB's night coverage as well.  Once 
you get the big hill (Belmont Hill / Wellington Hill) in your way as 
you head west on Route 2 beyond the big Mormon temple, the signal gets 
a bit choppy.  That would be about 4 or 5 miles from the tower.  Over 
the flatter terrain going south across Cambridge and the Charles, they 
probably get a bit farther into Allston and Brookline.  Despite the 
small area covered, it still reaches a lot of people.

Once in a while you get an "auroral night" when most skip interference 
is eliminated.  Then WJIB's 5 watts covers a bigger "box": that 
bordered by Norwood on the SW, Billerica on the NW, Beverly on the NE, 
and Cohasset on the SE.

A 3 Hz beat note (a.k.a. "subaudible heterodyne") is what Dan is 
observing between CHWO and WJIB.  Certainly that's within legal spec's 
but, yes, it's annoying when you have two similar-strength signals.  
But then, the clash of competing audio would be too.  CHWO and WJIB are 
both good stations for the nostalgic-music fan (on a band where this 
format has reached "few and far between" status).  It's too bad that 
they happen to be on the same channel.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA

In Arlington Heights, on my SRIII, rotated to maximize the signal 
of WJIB (which happens to about null WKOX, WAMG, and WBIX), WJIB is 
good on maybe 2/3 of nights (actually 2/3 of the time, because a night
that's good for receiving WJIB at, say, 8:00PM.can become pretty awful 
miidnight or vice versa). OTOH, the frequency difference between WJIB 
CHWO, which is usually about 3 Hz (or do I mean 1.5 Hz?--three signal 
per second), is pretty annoying. For me, the frequency difference seems 
have been chosen to maximize the sensation of vertigo.

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