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Sat Jan 27 14:03:49 EST 2007

>As for 750, there's an app for the Bangor area that seems almost ready
>to be granted if it hasn't yet been granted. 50 kW-D/10 kW-N DA-N
>using four towers to produce a teardrop pattern aimed

So, I guess that means they'll have a great signal in Bermuda!

-- Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

Actually in Bermuda with this set-up, 750 will be a three-way slugfest 
with the new Mainer + WSB + YVKS (Caracas).  Bermuda does get some fat 
signals from the USA, especially the NYC stations, some of which can be 
heard at midday on reasonably sensitive receivers.

The Venezuelan actually dominates 750 most nights at places like West 
Dennis on the Cape.  There's a Cuban, a Colombian, and the Newfie 
(CBGY) in the imbroglio too (besides the YVKS/WSB "usuals").

The Bangor station has about a 40 mile run of land SE en route to Bar 
Harbor.  The Ellsworth and Bar Harbor areas have enough people, 
especially in summer, to make this coverage area desirable.  There was 
an additional Bangor outlet in the past (WGUY-1250) besides present day 
620 and 910 (and Ellsworth's 1370).  I'm not sure how well the 
big-money coastal resorts are served on FM.

Back to WJIB, it would seem that if Long Island (about 100 miles closer 
to Toronto) can get away with 40 watts or so going west / northwest, 
then maybe WJIB could nudge the power up a little bit from 5 watts at 
night.  But I'm sure that the 5 watt figure was not arrived-at by 
accident and that if WJIB could run any more, it would.  Here in the 
southern end of Billerica I do get it OK here at night on my 
communications receiver set-up which is connected to a special outdoor 
antenna ("Flag") that nulls substantially towards the Great Lakes area. 
  On car radios or table radios, 740 is a bunch of mush at night around 
here with Toronto typically atop, WJIB a bit behind, and CHCM 
(Newfoundland) popping through occasionally.  I think that Arlington 
Heights or Lexington is about the inland limit of WJIB most nights on 
regular radios.  Dan can no doubt give us this info.

Anyway, I hope that Bob Bittner can keep his programming here in the 
Boston area.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA

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