Carr off in Concord area too

Paul Hopfgarten
Fri Jan 26 16:35:46 EST 2007

'GIR would probably be the only outlet that could afford the fee if it
wanted the show, but if Hannity is a barter show, I wouldn't think they'd be
interested in shelling out $$$

Paul Hopfgarten
Derry, New Hampshire

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Howie Carr's show exited not only Burlington VT and Keene NH this week but
WTPL-FM in Hillsboro/Concord NH (which has replaced it with ESPN's Dan
a show called "New Hampshire Today", and a simulcast of Ch 9 news). I knew a
station had dropped Howie (due to higher fees) and was pretty sure that WTPL
was that station...

Now today someone wrote into the Howie Carr live thread I do on Free
someone who lives and works in the Concord area and was frustrated that the
is gone (was told they wanted to keep it but it wasn't being offered
Or maybe "not at a price we could afford"). He said he couldn't pick up
stations in Boston, Portland, New London NH, or Worcester where he works and
can only hear
about 10 minutes of the show via WRKO on his drive home.

I don't know if WGIR would want to pick up Howie (they'd have to delay
Hannity to carry Carr live). Who else-- WKXL in Concord? But they have a
of local news/talk in afternoons, so unless they wanted to put him on
via tape delay... (Oh, and the man who wrote me says he can't stream him
at his job...)

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