WXRV (was Classical change...)

Donald A. donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 22:25:06 EST 2007

> > The Table allotments were based on city of
> license,
> > not transmitter location, right?  If so, WXRV
> wouldn't
> > have been a major change, because only the
> transmitter
> > went to Andover; they're still licensed to
> Haverhill.
> > (Either that, or they've been doing all of their
> legal
> > IDs wrong...)
> Actually, WXRV has not moved their transmitter, nor
> are
> they applying to. For some reason they changed their
> to Andover, but their transmitter remains in
> Haverhill.
> Why they did this, I have no idea. 

Ummmm...because saying "Andover" every hour is nicer
than saying "Haverhill" and all the social stigma that
comes with it.  ;-)

Although, The (real) river (The Merrimack) runs thru
Haverhill....not Andover.

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