Scott's NERW rant

Bill O'Neill
Mon Jan 22 14:51:25 EST 2007

Great reading Scott's latest NERW installment today.  Quoting his 
parenthetical: "(In a world in which we can each have our own customized 
programming as close as a webstream or an MP3 player, it's a function 
best served by media other than broadcast radio, anyway.)" 

Neglected AMs are a clear victory for local governments and other 
decision makers for the public good who, otherwise, would be subject to 
press accountability. I don't think we realize just how impacting that 
is on the big picture.  And a slightly better ad value than tacky phone 
book covers or placemats at the local diner.

I'm on a local school board here in (Middlebury) Vermont (yes, crossed 
over from the Fourth Estate to the 'other side.')  Most meetings have 
zero press presence (but for the local paper who likely views the public 
access TV coverage). The only local AM in Middlebury is all but bird-fed 
sports, including AM drive. Zero local presence. The local FM is 
bird-fed classic country.  Another FM is a (honking) repeater for WAMC 
public radio.  WCLX is a decent mom and pop (literally) for album rock 
but no news presence.  If you hope to get local radio news out of 
Burlington, even those with local casts are rip n' read, little or no 
wraps, no stringers covering municipal or school stuff.  Rutland, same 
deal.  The only station in the state that gives an impression of local 
news coverage (albeit minimal from the field) is WDEV.  If there's the 
big melt-down, I'll likely tune to WDEV.

That leads to the question, if or when there is "the big $%*@! story" 
where would you tune on the radio by reaction?

Bill O'Neill

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