Globe article on Touch FM (not legal) 106.1

Scott Fybush
Mon Jan 22 01:07:45 EST 2007

Donna Halper wrote:
>> Eli wrote--
>> I've listened to the "station". It is running advertisments, and
>> soliciting them on their website. Legitimately licensed LPFM's
>> are non-commercial.
> And I wonder if they pay their ASCAP and BMI fees-- the rates have gone 
> up dramatically, which is a story for another day; but no kidding, if 
> you play music, you are supposed to pay them.  I don't recall any 
> exemptions for small stations, unless I am reading the rules incorrectly.

One wonders, too, whether the "Touch FM" folks are paying all the 
various taxes and obtaining all the various permits that are a price of 
doing business legitimately these days. The IRS is no fun to deal with, 


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