Asperger's (Was: Bad taste TV, was: Bad Taste Radio...)

Larry Weil
Sun Jan 21 18:32:40 EST 2007

At 6:06 PM -0500 1/21/07, Ric Werme wrote:
>Oh dear, I tried to avoid one possibly related "syndrome" that's quite
>controversial between the describer and the clinical autism community.
>I don't know about Gates (he's a lousy engineer, great marketeer), but
>Einstein started talking late, around 4 years.  The Wikipedia article
>   Asperger syndrome is differentiated from other PDDs and from high
>   functioning autism (HFA) in that early development is normal and
>   there is no language delay.

My 17 year old nephew has Asperbergers, and he did start talking 
rather late.  Now you can't shut him up for anything!

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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