unlicensed LP-FM in today's Boston Globe, PS

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Was there EVER Spanish RELIGIOUS programming on WAMG when Mega owned 
the station? I thought the Romantica format was all secular. There was 
brokered Spanish religous programming on WKOX before it flipped to 
Progressive talk in 2004.

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>>Well don't forget...there has been an unlicensed AM station in 
>>Lowell using
>>the calls WKNM for years now serving the Portugese community 
>>complete with
>>ads (a dollar a holler).........the owner was told by a local police 
>>installation company that any station under 100 watts is 
>>legal.....as a
>>matter of fact it was the local radio installer who does the police 
>>and fire
>>radios that installed their transmitter and tower. The former owners 
>>WLLH sent at least 6 letters to the FCC as did local "radio geeks" 
>>nothing has been done in over 10 years - the station still
>>operates........they are even listed on the Boston Catholic website 
>>carrying Sunday mass in Portugese
> My favorite entry on that URL is the listing of Spanish-language 
> religious
> programming on WBPS-AM 890.  Somebody should tell them a format 
> change
> occurred on that frequency quite a while ago...maybe they can find a 
> home
> on Rumba 1200/1430.
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