Donna Halper
Thu Jan 18 15:00:09 EST 2007

Chuck wrote--
>    the one thing we try to do on our stations up here in Portland is
>bang the drum as loudly as possible for as many local area non-profit
>events as possible - it is the one thing that we can do to
>differentiate ourselves as not canned, bird-delivered or syndicated
>programming.  on Oldies 100.9, we try to work the local events in as
>convseration item as opposed to what some of our stations do - the pre-
>produced "community calendar" thing.

See, even though deregulation came along, I still agree with you that 
PSAs can be SERVICE to the community if they are done right.  There 
are a lot of worthy local charities that could use the "shout out" 
and seldom get it, based on what I hear on most stations, which seem 
to find it easier to use nationally produced PSAs with celebrity 
voices (not that there's anything wrong with that).   I commend your 
station for talking about local events-- it's another way to connect 
with the audience.

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