Howie Carr leaves WVMT

Bob Nelson
Thu Jan 18 03:31:50 EST 2007

>>WVMT (620 Burlington) actually are promoting that Howie Carr's 
syndicated 3-6 show is being pulled by the show and that Burlington 
is 'not part of their plans' as of next week.  They make it sound 
as if the station did all that they could to keep the show and 
lost.   What's the real story?

Howie has been fielding calls on air about this. He said "it's not
WVMT's fault", etc.; I think Entercom either doesn't want to
syndicate the show outside Mass., or they're asking for more money
from stations. The Save WRKO blog suspects that they aren't
getting much in the way of ad revenues from affiliates...supposedly
WVMT, WKNE in Keene NH, and WTPL in Hillsboro NH will be dropping
the show at the end of the week (not sure about the last one).

Howie has said he'll try to get back on in Burlington; not sure
if that means trying to get back on WVMT (which is replacing him
with Jerry Doyle) or if he'll try to get on WXZO/WEAV "the
Zone". The latter stations run Hannity in the afternoon.
As for WVMT, if there's any thought about putting the show
on AFTER Doyle, realize that IIRC they're the Yankees
affiliate for that market and he'd be pre-empted a lot.

Supposedly Howie will be on the Charlie and Ernie show
(brief call in) today (Thu) to explain it all... I don't
know the real story, but it sounds like Entercom
figures it isn't worth syndicating the show to stations
that can't generate ad money from it, but Howie would
like to stay on.

His regular callers Steve and Wally from Montreal
will surely be disappointed...

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