Two Dave MacNeils?

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jan 17 16:44:52 EST 2007

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You and other apologists for the WCRB/WGMS/KDFC model of short, easily
accessible orchestral-only music plus excerpts from longer pieces overlook
the stations that program themselves with more than just a modicum of
artistic integrity and yet get pop-music station ratings in other markets.
I'll set aside KING-FM and WFMT because, although successful, they operate
under special conditions where they can break even and it's ok with management.
If you've read the papers lately and listened to NPR's "On the Media" or
viewed channel 2's "Greater Boston" and CNN's "Reliable Sources", you 
know about the travails at the New York Times Corporation.  I'm sure every
division they're keeping (they've either unloaded some properties or are
rumored to be planning to do so) is under close scrutiny to maximize profits
(within reason) and yet their FM outlet WQXR still adheres to higher standards
than the the first 3 stations mentioned above.  All the types of programming you describe
as "eccentric" are found within their 6:00 am through 11:00 pm  span
(I exclude the overnights).   Just now I brought up their playlists
for just the past week, and lo and behold, during the most-listened-to
hours are genuinely modern works including some by living composers,
vocal music (choral pieces and arias from operas), and even some pieces even
I wouldn't run at the time they did (the complete Prokofiev 5th Symphony
Friday Jan 12th at 10:05 am; you can look it up).  It's too bad that doesn't have a message board any more.  It would be interesting
to query management there as to THEIR philosophy of programming!

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