Two Dave MacNeils?

Don A.
Wed Jan 17 01:47:18 EST 2007

> On 16 Jan 2007 at 16:40, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> > And musicians a rock concerts often play extended or altered versions
> > of their songs, but that doesn't mean that radio stations are obliged
> > to play those versions instead of the ones that are intended for air.
> > Commercial radio is a business, not a charity.  Get over it.
> No, but a symphony is a single work, not a collection of works.
> Playing one movement of a symphony is like performing one act of a
> play.

To take Garrett's idea further....

1.) It's like when stations played the shorter (not complete) version of
American Pie. The shorter version of American Pie was presumably the most
important parts of the (complete) version.  Many pop and rock artist decry
and cringe when their songs get edited down to a shorter version.

2.) Like Garrett said, radio stations are under no obligation to play
specific versions.  Being in business, they can play anything they want.

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