Two Dave MacNeils?

Bill O'Neill
Mon Jan 15 07:06:07 EST 2007

On 14 Jan 2007 at 14:23, Ric Werme wrote:
>> I don't know what WJIB says, but WCRB says something like "where we
>> always name the music after each long set."  Where "long set"
>> apparently often is a single work (or fragment).  

The voice-tracked network version that airs on WCVT (101.7 Stowe, VT) 
has been using those positioners for awhile.  I also notice the use of 
the word "relax, relaxing" in the liners.  I can think of more than a 
few classical pieces that don't confer that mood!  With VPR Classical 
moving ahead WCVT will have to work a little harder, IMO.

Bill O'Neill

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